ic插座:socket DIP40 ic插座:socket DIP40 $0.00 Buy Now
ic插座:socket DIP8 ic插座:socket DIP8 $1.00 Buy Now
ic: LM358 贴片 ic: LM358 贴片 $3.00 Buy Now
ic插座:socket  DIP28 ic插座:socket DIP28 $3.00 Buy Now
ic插座:socket DIP16 ic插座:socket DIP16 $3.00 Buy Now
ic插座:socket DIP20 ic插座:socket DIP20 $3.00 Buy Now
ic: DS1302 ic: DS1302 $5.00 Buy Now
ic: LM358P ic: LM358P $5.00 Buy Now
ic: NE555P ic: NE555P $5.00 Buy Now
ic: SN74HC595N ic: SN74HC595N $5.00 Buy Now
ic: ULN2003AN ic: ULN2003AN $5.00 Buy Now
The flame sensor 火焰传感器 The flame sensor 火焰传感器 $5.00 Buy Now
The microphone 麦克风,6050,6x5咪头 (1pcs) The microphone 麦克风,6050,6x5咪头 (1pcs) $5.00 Buy Now
ic插座:socket  DIP28 窄体锁紧座 ic插座:socket DIP28 窄体锁紧座 $15.00 Buy Now
ic插座:socket  DIP40 窄体锁紧座 ic插座:socket DIP40 窄体锁紧座 $15.00 Buy Now
温度: DS18B20 Digital thermometer 温度: DS18B20 Digital thermometer $15.00 Buy Now
温度:LM35D The temperature sensor 温度:LM35D The temperature sensor $15.00 Buy Now
ic: L293D ic: L293D $19.00 Buy Now
温湿度: DHT 11 (Temperature and humidity) 温湿度: DHT 11 (Temperature and humidity) $25.00 Buy Now
ic MCP3008-I/P DIP16 ic MCP3008-I/P DIP16 $35.00 Buy Now

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